Herrerasaurus means "Herrera's Lizard" after Don Victorino Herrera, the man who discovered it. Herrerasaurus lived around 225 million years ago, it was one of the first dinosaurs and is the earliest big killer dinosaur known. It lived in the forming continent of Gondwana that was starting to split from the original continent, Pangaea. Herrerasaurus is estimated to be 16.5 feet long and was estimated 7 ft. tall. Herrerasaurus was fast runner and could turn quickly from side to side, quickly catching it's prey. Herrerasaurus ate small animals but was also a scavenger off dead animals or the scraps of another animals dinner.

Kingdom: Animalia, Phylum: Chordata, Clade: Dinosauria, Family: Herrersauridae, Hip design: both saurischian and ornithischian.

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The early killer!

Fun Facts-

1. Herrerasaurus's lower jaw had a joint so it could flex its or strengthen its bite on its prey, almost no other dinosaurs have this feature.

2. It's estimated weight is 460-770 pounds!

3. Herrerasaurus was discovered in 1959 in the city of San Juan.

4. In 1988, Paul Sereno and team found a complete skeleton of Herrerasaurus

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