Tyrannosaurus Rex, meaning "Tryant Lizard King" in Latin, it is one of the biggest carnivorous dinosaurs to ever live. It is part of the Tyrannosauridae family, for which it is named after. T.Rex can grow to 40 ft. long and 23 ft. high. T. Rex lived 66-68 million years ago in the late Cretaceous Period. T.Rex's skull can be 5 ft. long! It was designed for being able to crush bone and can bite a car almost in half like it was a piece of cake. In 1902, Barnum Brown the man who discovered T.Rex found and named this big dinosaur. T.Rex had about 40 or more vertebrae! T.Rex had incredibly short forelimbs, 2 fingers on each arm equipped with razor sharp claws. These arms were useless but helped balance T.Rex's mighty weight and head.

Kingdom: Animalia, Phylum: Chordata, Clade: Dinosauria, Suborder: Theropda, Family: Tyrannosauridae, Order: Saurischian, Genus: Tyrannosaurus.

Fun Facts-

1. Lived in the area which is now Western North America.

2. Studies suggest it Fed off of Triceratops and Edmontosaurs, and other T. Rexs.

3. T. Rex's mouth can contain 60 serrated teeth.

4. It is possible since T. Rex ran slowly due to its weight, that T. Rex could've also been a scavenger


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